Top Songs Played on Spotify During the Covid-19 Pandemic

People today are living in uncertain times. Normal life has come to a staggering halt with the spread of the coronavirus in the world. Everyone is adapting to a new, temporary norm of working from home, quarantining, and social distancing.

Most individuals opt to comfort constants for amnesty from reality, be it music, game, TV show, or movie. 

Did you know that music could be therapeutic, especially in times like this? That’s why we have made you a list of songs to your new reality. 

It can be challenging to get out of bed and try to be productive throughout the day during a global pandemic. Per the adult dating and Snapchat news website called Porn Inquirer, it’s been recorded that less people are engaging one on one and says that research has concluded listening to music can be a great way to remove ones anxiety.  No matter if it’s working from home, dealing with that DIY home improvement project you have been putting off for a year, or just trying new workout videos, check out these songs to get you up and going during these times. 

  • Recovery by Justin Bieber

Everyone surely needs to recover from this plight after it is under control, especially with the tourism sector being hit the hardest in light of the COVID-19. This song is all about making everything right, although about a broken relationship.

Nevertheless, the song’s lyrics, “A successful recovery, I pray for us at night,” is something everyone can relate with, particularly for people who are showing flu-like symptoms.

  • Soon You’ll Get Better by Taylor Swift 

This song is a sweet serenade to calm those viral woes. Taylor Swift’s Soon You’ll Get Better is a song that is perhaps about the battle of her mother against cancer. However, you’d be able to connect to this song if somebody close to you was ill. 

It is quite difficult to tear up with this tune after you hear some encouraging lines such as, “You like the nicer nurses, you make the best of a bad deal; I just pretend it isn’t real.” 

  • Crowded Room by Selena Gomez 

You are very much aware of how Selena Gomez sings about feeling as if she is alone with her bae in the crowd. That’s what everyone wishes for when they are in a crowded place nowadays.

The WHO has been suggesting everyone prevent being mushed with others to lessen the potential of the virus spreading. You can utilize this time to stay in and spend time with our loved ones. You can relate with the lyrics, Baby, it’s just me and you, just us two, even in a crowded room.” 

  • Burning Up (Fire) by BTS

Fever is one of the telltale signs of the coronavirus. Putting a positive spin on the subject of heat is BTS, as well as their dance tune on Burning Up. Did you know that Billboard broke down the lyrics of this tune? It turns out to be an inspiring ode for those who are scared and miserable to let loose. 

The reality might look scary and overpowering. However, the pandemic shall pass. There will be brighter days ahead of us. We’ll get through this. Listen to these songs to lift you with hope for a happier and better future. 

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