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Smile Lupe Fiasco's "Laser's" Review

The album by Lupe Fiacso, "Lasers," came out today, which I have been very excited to get for a WHILE (see signature and name). The album is Hip-Hop, but be patient. He's no Lil' Wayne or Lil' JOn (lot of "Lil's"), he has an actual MUSICAL sound.
Listening to it now, here are my evaluations of the songs.
Here we go.

The album starts with "Letting Go". It starts out with a piano solo, followed by the lyric's "Seems I'm getting out of control, feels like I'm running out of soul, you're getting heavy to hold, think I'll be letting you go." From what I hear later in the song, it seems to be about him not wanting to be all about money, but to be himself, with lyrics like "My self portrait shows a man that the wealth tortured, self-absorbed with his own self-forfeit. A shelf full of awards, worshiping the war ships that set sail on my sea of life. When I see my own self, I wonder if we still see a light," seal the deal for me. The piano stays on through the rest of the song, accompanied by the infamous clapping that rap songs have, plus a good beat. Other than the chorus, the rest is Lupe rapping, but not about gardening tools. An overall good song, and very catchy. 8.75/10

The next song, "Words I Never Said", has to be one of my favorites, and was the last single released. The song, in my opinion, is mostly about how corrupt the news and government has become, his belief in "power to the people," ending the war, and fixing up the ghetto's. The chorus, "It's so loud, it's on my head, with words that I should have said, that I drown in my regret, I can't take back the words that I never said," is sung beautifully by Skylar Grey. The rapping is catchy and the instrumental factor is great. I could probably listen to this song without the lyrics and still be pleased. Great song.

"Till I Get There" has a very catchy piano and drum beat, which I prefer to "Words I never Said," but it's more relaxed. The whole song is rap, basically. 9/10. The next song is "Don't Want To Care Right Now." I hate the intro, but it get's progressively better as the song goes on, as it goes from an annoying rap beat to a more electric theme for a bit. Then back to the rap. Ugh. But I think it's pretty good, but not the best. 7/10. After which is a song featuring "Trey Songz," so I'm already pretty doubtful that it's any good. "Out of My Head" is definitely just how I expected it. I know it will most likely be the most popular because of "that guy who made Dynamite," but NOT on my fave list. I refuse to rate this song.

This song, "The Show Goes On," was one of his first singles. You might recognize it, because it was kind of popular a bit ago. It has some of the same notes as Modest Mouse's "Float On," but not all. It starts out with "Float On's" harmony, but at a higher tempo. the song basically sings about never giving up and not getting is gangs, but isn't like how your thinking it is right now, because it is way better than a song like that. Positive, but very catchy. 9.5/10

"Coming Up" features yet ANOTHER catchy piano harmony. It's mostly moderately catchy rap, but features Mdma, who has some solo's. The solo near the end is more noticeable , with not piano, just a stomp-and-clap sort of beat. 8.25/10. "State Run Radio" features a pumping guitar and chorus that is very catchy. after come Lupe rapping with light guitar in the background. The chorus, my favorite part, plays again with the lyric's "And over again, and over again, and over again, and over again. And over again, and we don't win, and we come in, and nothing's free. Sounds to me like state run radio, x 8. Then Lupe's rap, which is pretty good in this song. Then this track ends with an altered version of the chorus. One of my favorites. 9.25/10

Another notable song is "Break the Chain," another song with an in-your-face beat and harmony. "I waited all my life to play, but I still can't find the way, but if I were to get one more day, I might just break the chain (x4)" shows how he wants to be the artist who stands out in the hip-hop world. 9.25/10

"All Black Everything" was released for Black History Month, and talks about if there were never slaves and if African-Americans had more involvement in history than they do now. He also says that there would not be any ghetto's or gangs, and that "Somalia's a great place to relax." The song also has a good harmony of violin's/viola's. The rapping is good, and a good song. 8.5/10.

"Never Forget You" is one of the best tracks on the album. With a wonderful chorus sung by John Legend, and an even greater harmony. The rapping in this song, in my opinion, is one of the best. A great track to end on, and a wonderful song. 9.5/10

I rate the album overall 9.25/10, not including "Out of My Head."

I don't care if you don't like it, just wanted to put my input on it.
But I hope you do.

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