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Default Custom Apps and Mods on Zune HD

Ok so we all know by now the zune HD is out and we can make and install custom apps using xna/c#/whatever you want to call it.

Im wondering if there is a ebook or manual on the code in c# used with the zune. I know html code and a little java and this looks pretty similar, I can even read most of it. But i need to be able to write it and as of right know i have know idea what i am doing. I have a few custom apps i found on youtube on my zuneHD already and they are very basic but i see room for growth. I even possible see a app being the "hack" on the zune since no one can mod the firmware or get the zune to accept the modded firmware.

Also can anyone tell me were the firmware on my zune is located? like on the itouch if you google firmware you can download the original itouch firmware. were can i get zuneHD firmware so i can take a look at possible mods to it.

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