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port 21
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This has more than probably been answered already, and i apologise if it has.

Last night i was syncing some usual songs and a couple of podcasts, left the zune in to charge fully.

I noticed the battery icon turned green after a while, and it had finished syncing, so i disconnected it.

I then went to go to bed, and decided i wanted to listen to some music, so i went and got my zune from my table, it began to act weird.

I pressed play to turn it on and all it did was let the loadig bar get to the top, then it shut down, i tried to turn it on about 10-20 times (im a persistant f*cker) and then it showed the low battery icon, and turned off.

I followed a long winded mcirosoft endorsed way to hard reset. I thought this had worked, it deleted everything, i had to reinstall the firmware, and the zune was connected and re syncing a good 20gb worth of stuff.

I got home just now, the sync had completed, i though "woo!", so i unplugged it......it turns off.....

Now all i get when i turn it on is a quick flash of the zune logo.
And when i plug it in to charge it just boots over and over again (the loading bar reaches full then it turns off, and restarts until i stop it). And windows, nor the une software picks it up because its turning on, it hasnt reached a state where it is recognisable.

I have tried many diferent combinations of key pressing including

back + up play
select, play, back (which was part of the solution i thought i had above)

Sending it back to Bill is not an option as im in the UK where zunes shouldnt be anyway =P



If i leave it plugged in and on its boot loop, it eventually gets to the "''Connected' screen, and manages to sync my stuff, but the second i unplug it. poooof, it shuts down and reverts back to its old ways.

Ive ordered a new battery off ebay, so this might help me out.

Im literally just about to cry because ive just spent 2K on a car, plus another 2K to insure it .... I dont have money for new mp3 players.......... lol.

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Finally I've found someone with the Exact same problem as me!
I was just putting songs on it, and charged it fully, and the same damn things happened just like you. It almost seems like an advanced version of the freeze/battery problems associated with version 3.0. (which I also had to deal with before this more hard core problem)

I still haven't found any answers, but when I do, I'll let you know. I think this might start happening to other people, so when it becomes more common, we'll be hearing of it. And SO will Microsoft.

I don't keep the thousand or so songs on my computer (Its my family's computer), so I REALLY don't want to erase the songs currently on my zune, and then have to download them all over again. And now that I see it didn't do any good for you, I won't even attempt it now myself. >_>

I guess I'll be back to see if any answers have come by in a few days, good luck. ^_^;

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not really the same but this morning on the bus to school i changed song, and it didnt start playing then the screen turned off and i now cant get it back on, i ve pluged it in the CPU and XP recongnises it (the green arrow thing at the bottom) but not the software.
any solutions?
zune 30 and was fully charged and i also live in europe (France) so donbt know what the situation is with sending it back.

edit: actually it just for some reason started again, i pressed the back and up button, but this wont solve your problems, sorry

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I have the same problem. A few weeks ago I charged my zune full, took it out, and later on in the day tried to listen to it, but it would not turn on. I tried all the ways to reboot it but nothing worked. I would plug back into the computer and the zune software would not recognize it, nor did the zune show any signs of life.
Then the next day I plug it in and a picture of a low battery sign appears on the zune, and then the zune icon appears and a white loading bar loads across the bottom of the screen. Then the it starts charging. I could listen to it for a day and then it would just not turn on randomly.
Now when I try to charge it does not respond but if I wait a few hours, and try plugging it in again, it will do the same as before and charge. Once the power is full it just turns off and won't work. It's almost as if charging the zune drains the battery.
I am just really annoyed and just want this problem solved so I can listen to my tunes again. I would appreciate any help.

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For those of you who have your first generation 30GB zunes outside the USA, carefully use a flat blade screwdriver along the sides of the sync port on the zune (should be a little black plastic part) and pry the thing off. It is hard to do this without damaging the plastic part, but the plastic part that (can) break is not a required component. once the part is off, you can access 2 TINY phillips head (+) screws, unscrew them and pop the chassis open. The first time you do this, you may need to take a knife or fine flat blade screwdriver along the exterior of the zune's body.. Once it pops open, you will want to gently set both sides beside eachother on a table. the battery pack is usually a black little box at the top of the zune entirely cased in something like tape, with a ZIF cable running off it toward the zune's main PCB. release the ZIF socket for the battery connector, and pull it out. If you have a voltage meter, check the battery. if not, just plug it back in after a quick check to make sure it's not damaged or leaking. If everything seems to be ok, but it still gives you trouble, try ordering a replacement battery pack. I've noticed that if the battery is NOT connected when you connect the zune to the PC, it will attempt to power up, but fail to do so, because the zune's battery pack is an integral component of the zune hardware, even while USB powered.

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go here, same issue, and i posted a response to it.


As you will see I had the same issue, and had to send mine in. nevertheless, I posted the same recommendation that lucifer suggested if you had no warranty left.

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