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Default n00b friendly How-to put games on your zune

Originally Posted by jackluo923 View Post
Before I start, there's a few things you should know.
-64bit operating systems are not supported. eg. Winodows Ultimate 64bit, Windows Xp 64bit.
-You must uninstall live games on your windows vista computer before you can put games on your zune
You must have version 2.5 firmware and software installed on your computer

The program installation steps:
1. Microsoft C Sharp Express Web Install Download Here
Scroll down to the bottom and download the file called vcssetup.exe ( there's a similar one called vcsetup.exe, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THAT.

2. Install Microsoft C Sharp on your computer

3. Download XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP Here

4. Install the XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP

5. Connect your zune to your computer using the usb sync cable

6. click start menu-> programs -> Microsoft XNA Game STUDIO ctp-> ZNA studio device center.

7. A new window will pop up. Click + ADD A NEW DEVICE

8. Another window will pop up like this:

Click on the zune icon

8. At this time, you'll need to select your zune in the device window. If your zune doesn't show up, repeat the process from step 5.

9. Click on next button. It start to test the connection quality between your zune and your computer. DO NOT DISCONNECT YOUR ZUNE AT THIS TIME

I have compiled a package full of latest zune games. http://www.zuneboards.com/forums/dow...tml#post235485
You'll need to download this package onto your computer first. Double click the .exe SFX archive and choose a place that you'll remember to extract all the games to. The extraction process doesn't require any 3rd party software.

Game installation instructions:

0) If you've downloaded the game package that i've compiled, you'll find a folder called Fonts. Please install all of the fonts included in the folder. If you downloaded the games elsewhere, please skip step 0.

1) Unplug your zune

2) Find the game directory. eg. C:ZuneGamesXNA Alien Game (final release)
-This is the folder that you've saved the games in.

3) Browse inside the folder and find a file that ends in .sln (solution file).
eg. C:ZuneGamesXNA Alien Game (final release) Alien GameAlienGame.sln
Open this .sln (solution file) by either double click the icon or right click -> open

4) Plug in your zune to your computer using the usb sync cable.
Your zunesoftware might open by itself, minimize it.

5) A Microsoft Visual C# windows should've shown up after step 3. On the right side of this window, there should be a column that looks similar to the picture below. Right click the zune icon, then click deploy.

6) Wait patiently for your computer to delopy the games onto your zune.

7) When you've succeeded in installing the game on your zune, the Visual C# program will notify you on the bottom left corner of the screen.

8) To install another game, please repeat from step 2

Some parts of this article is made possible by RUNTOHELL121's guide. The original guide can be found here

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LOL, wouldn't it be better if you copy and paste that thread into this thread or make that thread a sticky? It would be so much easier for "n00b" because they won't have to open another seperate window

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