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Default [How To] Downgrade Firmware and Software from 2.2 to 1.4 | ASIAN CHARACTER SUPPORTED

To downgrade the Zune Desktop Software:

1. System Restore to the point right before 2.0 was installed.

if that is not possible, then:

1. Uninstall 2.0.
2. Disconnect your computer from the internet.
3. Install 1.1 (or 1.0) from the original CD.
--1.4 software can be installed using SZIP. Download here.

NOTE: In either case, it is best to wipe out the Zune's database and allow it to rebuild. There was some quirkiness after the restore because the System Restore didn't fully restore the Zune's database. Deleting the files in:
"C:\Documents and Settings\< user >\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Zune" did the trick.

To downgrade the firmware:

1. Download Zune.RE.zip - http://www.zuneboards.com/forums/dow...o=file&id=1443
2. Download Java Runtime 6 (if you don't already have it)
- http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp
3. Download Zune Firmware 1.4 - http://www.zuneboards.com/forums/zun...are-1-4-a.html
4. Create a temp directory: C:\temp
5. Place firmware 1.4 into the temp directory.
6. Rename the firmware file to: Zune01050485.cab
7. Place the ZuneFirm.jar file from Zune.RE.zip into the temp directory.
8. Start -> run... -> cmd
9. c: [ enter ]
10. cd \temp [ enter ]
11. java -jar ZuneFirm.jar [ enter ]
12. Go to your network setting, open up TCP/IP and change your DNS to Then in another cmd, ping go.microsoft.com to check if it's directed to yourself ( NOTE: if you cannot ping go.microsoft.com successfully and you are using a router, then connect your computer directly to your cable modem. This is the crucial step... if you cannot get a ping of go.microsoft.com to return then do not proceed until you can!

Next, turn your Zune on and reset it by pressing back+up for a few seconds. When the Zune logo appears, press back+left+center for a few seconds to format the hard drive. After you format, it will ask you to connect to a computer. Connect it. Open the Zune software, and something like ?update time? and ?Zune 1.5 firmware? will appear. (If it doesn?t load automatically start ?Check for zune device update?)


(If you don't know how to modify your DNS, you probably shouldn't be attempting this, but if you are really determined to downgrade your firmware here are some more details to help)

NOTE: Make sure that you have performed the java -jar ZuneFirm.jar step first.

1a. Start -> RMB (right mouse button click) Network Places -> Properties

1b. Select Local Area Network (or which ever is your network connection) RMB -> Properties

2. Click on Internet Protocol
3. Click on Properties

4. Type in for the IP address of primary DNS server
5. Click OK

6. Click OK again (on the "Local Area Connection Properties" dialog)
7. Select Local Area Network (or which ever is your network connection) RMB -> Disable
(wait for status column to indicate that connection is Disabled)
8. Select Local Area Network (or which ever is your network connection) RMB -> Enable

To test if the change "took", Start -> Run... -> CMD [ Enter ], then in the command window, type ping go.microsoft.com [ Enter ]
The ping command should report back an address of:

If you followed the steps and you don't get the, then try rebooting your system, re-running the java command and then the ping command.


This is the same method used to hack the Zune for Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Character support. Thanks to sracer at ZS for pointing this out.

For those who wish to have the Asian Characters back, use the same method you used before, except use the OLD software!

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