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Old 06-29-2007, 06:28 AM   #1
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Default 3rd party wall charger

i wanted a wall charger for my zune since i ended up watching a few movies and the battery will die after like little over 3 hours, between 3-4 it stopped.

so i went to my local walmart, they had the zune ac adapter for like $20, then i was looking around for a skin and i saw this i picked it up for $15 i was like sweet i can charger my zune while i watch movies and maybe even another mp3 player i own.

i used it, it works great for my zune, however i think it fried my creative zen stone. its designed for ipod&zune also other mp3 and usb based products such as that... but im not sure what caused my stone to break... i just thought i would point out the coincidence. so, stick with it if you have both ipod & a zune if you need to charge both through a wall outlet.

another product very similar is this

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hmm i think its not worth losing warranty. I say just spend the 5 dollars itd be worth it

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Old 07-03-2007, 04:10 PM   #3
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i was also thinking of buying a 3rd party charger but i dont want to risk getting my zune fried . . .

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Old 07-04-2007, 08:31 AM   #4
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I use third party items all the time, especially for my camcorder; batteries, chargers, etc. I got a $2 usb-ac adapter and a FM transmitter off of ebay for my zune and both have worked fine for me.

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Old 07-13-2007, 10:49 AM   #5
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Yeah, I'd rather spend $5 dollars more...i dont want to risk it getting fried

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just to note my experience (dont blame me if something goes wrong)

i own a zune, a creative zen v, and i sold my ipod nano.

the creative zen cannot be used with a generic usb charger unless you change the voltage (i forget the details), but it requires more voltage not less, so it shouldnt have fried it, but it def does not work with any other charger other than creative ones.

i had two usb chargers for my nano, one for the wall and one for the car. both are usb chargers and require me to plug in the ipod stock usb cable to charge. when i got the zune, i tried to use the same charger.

with the wall usb charger, it worked. i use the zune usb cable and it works fine.
with the car charger however, it did not work, i ended up buying a genuine zune car charger on ebay for real cheap (1 dollar, 7 dollars shipped)

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Yeah i just use my old iPod charger cuz i got it for cheap and it's practically the same thingery-doo

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