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Default new mp3

I want a new mp3 but i do not know which, hope you guys can help me.

I want to play long audiobooks (77 mins) quite easily, and i want to start where i left off, (eg i dont want to wait for it to start or to go manually to the menu and click play)

Oh, and battery life important to, 10 hours minimal, i would guess.

Ui Controlswise: not touch, and not clumsy albeit i dont really know when things are clumsy.

Features: Podcast function was nice as it would rememeber everything but i do not know how it works with other things than a zune, does the Sandisk Sansa Clip+ and/or Fuze do that?

I live in the netherlands

Ok, ill be honest.

The things i do with the mp3 is

1) i like to go for a hike around the neighbourhood at night, 2-3 hours, and then i always listen to audiobooks (of Goddard mostly), and i need for that a player that can go quickly trou 60-70 mins of play, also it happens sometimes that i dont understand a word so i have to rewind, so i would like some options there (iriver Clix2), and it has to have a battery life of say 4 hours, to make it trou the journey.

This is the most important thing, it has to have good support for audiobooks, and also, since the zune i want to be striaght where i started without waiting..

1b) i also use listening books when doing chores (loo,dishwasher,making food, cleaning), so it has to have a loud enough volume as it has to be louder than a vacuum cleaner

2) When i bicycle to my parents house (45 min) i have to have music, otherwise its boring

that are the only two things i use it for. please tell me what you think, whiich one is best, there is no price limit, as long as my audio books have a good home.

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