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Old 04-06-2012, 04:10 AM   #21
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Since I got my Samsung Focus Windows Phone, I do not use my zHD16 anymore At least, I gave it to ma dad because he travels a lot by plane and he uses it whenever he has to

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I use my HD32 on a regular basis for podcasts - there is simply no device that manages it better. We have three other HD devices in the house and they are used fairly often, mostly because it manages music better than other other device out there.

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Are you an AT&T rep? Those are the only people I know who call it a Lumina.
Not an AT&T rep, a Zune fan. I have the 30GB, 16GB Flash, 120GB, 16HD and 32HD.
Just called the phone what it is since I just purchased it yesterday.

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I use my Zune 30GB, 120GB, and have the kin twom. I carry both with me since I go to a lot of places and my 30 has mostly all music and the 120 has movies. Since are van has a t.v I plug in the Zune player in and keep my little cousin busy watching movies. I also let my sister borrow my 30GB when she forgets her ipod, or when it dies.

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i dont even have mine anymore

64gb iPhone 4s ftw!

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Wink yup

using my ZHD16 every day

**** iPods

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Sadly no.

I wish I still had my Zune HD..

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I use mine everyday. 64gb hd. Love it. :thumbup:

Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using Tapatalk

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Nope. Lost it. Now I use my 4s or iPod touch

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Default I use it every single day.

I use it every single day. I have a 32GB Zune HD that is basically attached to my body. I've got a few gigs of music and around 20+ podcasts.

As a backup, I have my HTC Trophy, but I only use it if the battery in the Zune dies. I got it last year for my birthday. (Right before they stopped the Zune originals)

I'm actually worried about the day I will have to replace it... =( Hopefully not for a LONG time.

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Default i just bought a Zune

I am a windows phone fan boy going back as far as 2004 with the tmobile mda from windows mobile to windows phone, i have always used my windows phone as a music player and was aware of Zune but never found a need for it and dislike all things apple.

Right now I am using an htc titan and use it for everything including music, HOWEVER my work has just banned cell phones at our desk unless its a music player, and with all the music I have downloaded with my music pass it seemed logical to pick up a Zune, I am a little excited to have one and already a tad disappointed at the lack of apps but its ok, I am primarily going to use it just for music, I wish there was a satellite radio app as well but that means i'd have to tether my windows phone to my zune and that's a whole nother can of worms that hasn't been conquered yet by the hackers at xda,

but yes i will be using my Zune and am excited to have one!

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Default still use

I still use my zune on my workouts and times when I don't want to carry my kindle fire

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Originally Posted by Locke View Post
The 120 GB was pretty great. I'm sad I never had one.
Yeah, I've got a friend who has one, they're top notch. Still hoping to find a 64 though, let me know if you find an extra one somewhere

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WaT up KiD
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in my opinion, Zune in general was a great media device. i still use my zune 120 for video and zune hd for music.

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Default All day every day

The HD 16 is in the car on my way to work, in the truck for 12 hours, in the car on the way home, and sometimes comes to bed with me. I've had it over a year and despite the heavy useage the battery still gets 24 hours of music playback. Having a droid is no excuse not to use your zune, none of the music players, rockbox, winamp or the stock player hold a candle to the zune interface. I plan to track down a 120 asap as with my zune pass, 16 gigs is rather limiting I also have an android phone, but I hate playing music for a couple hours then having to plug it in, or having notifications blasting through my stereo whenever a tweet text or email comes in. Dedicated pmps (ESPECIALLY the zune) still rule.

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Cool Zune Fanatic

I use my Zune all-day, Every-day. I'm constantly syncing it between my computers to keep up with my music and videos, and I'm always playing Audiosurf on the go.

I had been in need of a portable media player for a few months before Christmas of '11, and I looked at the specs of many. I asked for the Zune to be the only thing I got; and by far it's been the best Christmas present anyone has ever gotten me.

I have used the i-pod touch before, and while it does offer more features; the Zune continues to blow me away every time I use it. It holds the charge extremely well, runs smoothly, and the 16GB in my Zune HD is more than enough to satisfy my craze for all-day, mobile fun.

As I leave, I'll stop with this.
I know many people who use i-pods on regular basis' and I have shown them all my Zune HD. Every one of them would much rather have the Zune's bold and clearly defined feature set over the i-pod and i-tunes. The only gap here is the apps made for each device.

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Default Heck Yeah!!!! No iCult Ever!!!

I have 3 @ 80 GB, 1 @ 120 GB, 2 @ 32 GB HD, and a 64 GB HD. I use and carry my 64 GB everyday and use the HD Radio at work all day long everyday. I keep my best 720p movies on both of my HD's and 720p TV commercials on them also. I don't use the 80's too much anymore, but the 120 stores ALL my music, every song on every album that I have. I'm a Windows Phone 7.5 user, but because of needing an actual phone that has battery life and doesn't need to be plugged in by noon, I use my Zunes and keep my phone with a usable battery all day long. I have never owned a A-Word product and never will. Once Windows 8 hit's and hopefully gets put on the Asus Transformer Prime, it's on baby! Just one hacker hit's iToons, and think of the sheep it will destroy!

-Droptini (Non iCult-er forever!)

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I have a 1st gen 30 gig. I absolutely LOVE it and and it's never let me down. I found a great file sharing site where i can download music and i finally figured out how to put videos on it a while back (still trying to figure out how to put movies on it though) still have almost 14g of space left on it.

i just retired from 22 years in the US Air Force and the zune has survived two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan. I have a new job with a contractor and i'll be headed back over there in a couple months. I love my zune and i'm going to keep it as long as i can.

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My ZuneHD 16 crapped out on me due to unknown causes Summer of '09 or so.
That thing was on me at all times. I would either be listening to music or playing Pokémon. Now, I've got an iPod for music and PSP for Pokémon. As of last week, I found the box for my Zune and decided to try to get it back workin again, but I'm just running into the same problem: I can't find a tri-wing screwdriver to crack it open. I'm guessing some soldering came loose in there, and that's why it won't turn on. That's probably more wishful thinking than anything, actually.

Originally Posted by Mach-X View Post
Having a droid is no excuse not to use your zune, none of the music players, rockbox, winamp or the stock player hold a candle to the zune interface.
Although UberMusic and Instamusic are crippled in comparison to the ZuneHD, they're hands down the next best thing.

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I got myself a Zune HD 16 GB which is used for the solo purpose of playing Music, and occasionally playing AudioSurf Tilt. But, I use my Samsung Flash Focus for everything else. My phone has no music because there's only 8 Gigs of Storage, and only 6.67 Gigs are actually usable...

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