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Default The mythical "Atomic" Zune HD exists!!... and just sold on eBay on 10/8/2016!!!

The mythical "Atomic" Zune HD exists!!!... and just sold on eBay on 10-8-16!!!!!
Holy crap! This is the only reported spotting of the "Atomic" Zune HD since 2009 when one appeared on ebay and ended with a final bid of over $10,000!
And obviously the seller who just sold this recent one, did not know what it was, because someone managed to buy it (...steal it) for only $217! Both of these eBay listings were also both in Washington state, the home of Microsoft. No coincidence there!

The "Atomic" Zune HD is the most mythical, mysterious, unobtainable, rarest, and seemingly the most valuable Zune ever made. And unfortunately we know nothing about it! Microsoft never divulged any info about this Zune oddity that never hit the market. Heck, even with the rare Citron Zune, Microsoft later explained that it was only made to be provided as a gift for Microsoft employees. Yet they never said anything about the media hyped "Atomic"! What gives?

It's been years now, so hopefully the story behind it could finally be 'declassified'??!

Does anybody here know anything about it?

Does anybody here still work at Microsoft, or know somebody who does, so maybe we can finally find out the story behind this mythical "Atomic" Zune HD??

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