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Default xbox 360

xbos 360 needs way better games to compeate with the ps3 they r pretty even now

i have played all 3 systems of course and 360 is much better but not might be in 1 year

ps3 has done a good job with its copying abilities of wii and 360

motion and marketplace

which r still both better on wii and 360

i have a wii and 360 and now want a ps3

ms give me a reason to not buy ps3

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i think the xbox 360 has better games, jsut that the ps3 has more veratility on it and better future but thats only because xbox came out before the ps3 did.

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I think the only reason why the 360 has better games is because it came out a year before the ps3. Give the Ps3 a few more months and we will probably start seeing some really great games for it. But the way I look at it is this..we have 3 great systems out with great games and great futures for all 3. Let's just be happy and enjoy the system(s) we have and just play the games we enjoy.

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I have a 360 and a Wii. I used to play the original PlayStation. When they came out with PS2, Sony turned me off from them and I went with the GC. That ended shortly when the only good games they had were SSBM and the Mario Party Saga. I personally think that a PS3 is a big waste of money, but that is me. I think that the games exclusive to the 360 are much better than the games exclusive to the PS3. If you want BluRay too then i guess go ahead and buy it. if you want an HD DVD player, there is one you can buy to hook up to the 360. Also, the 360 has XBox Live. granted you have to pay, pretty much everyone has it. That PS3 is struggling to compete with the 360, especially when it was released. the price was dropped by $100 so quickly because no one was buying the PS3. If you like FPS games, the 360 is definitely the way to go. If you like fighting games, probably the PS3.

BTW nice spamming of the posts to get $zB...

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i think 360 is much better, not only because of the price but because of the games. My 2cents.

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