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Originally Posted by J3T View Post
well I'm pretty mad except im excited for the update reasons why I'm not happy
1. Lack of apps screw quality over quantity
2.WinMo7 killed the zune
3. MS never keeps their promises
4. XNA is horrible
5. we're not inlcuded in XNA 4.0
6. We might not even get any WinMo7 apps
7.Lack of dedication from these forums although im no place to complain
8. Too many people say hey lets DO LINE RIDER(example) 10 months later hey wheres the dev for it oh well...
1. The whole XNA thing is just a game because there Zune HD is Microsoft's eyes is a media play nothing more.
2. Mobile is the next big thing so of course.
3. Microsoft's has never kept promises.
4. Are you a coder or something? Look at bean stalk
6. Duh
8. 6 months* Probably even less than that.

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