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Is anyone else absolutely sick of new music being recorded and mastered at extremely high volume?

I've created a very rough version of an app to normalize song volumes, but I can't work out a way to systematically get data from songs so it knows when to adjust the volume (and by how much).

Currently I've tested it on one song, and the app does the following:
Checks if the current song is a specific song, and if so reduce the volume otherwise set the volume to maximum.

So I can start a playlist and the newer song that is recorded a lot louder than old stuff sounds much closer to the same volume as the rest.

Is there any way to check the value of custom metadata in C#/XNA? If so I could just add a tag called 'volume' or somesuch and use that to store a value to base the volume change on.

This app would be absolutely awesome if I could work out a way to set and retrieve the information, and even more so if the app could run in the background without the rebooting!

This feature should be in the Zune would take literally 5 lines of code...

In reply to my own post...

I just had the idea to create new genres in my library, for example 'pop_loud', 'rock_loud', etc. to tag all overly loud songs. I can still keep my autoplaylists by adding 'pop_loud' to my pop playlists, etc.

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