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Originally Posted by ndisi08 View Post
The mpeg to zune hack will only let the Zune software recognize and attempt to convert your mpeg files

However, as of the Spring 2007 update for the Xbox 360, mp4 files (with H.264 encoding) will play on the 360 and they look quite nice. That's now my preferred method.
I donít understand how you can stream mp4 to the XBOX 360, do you play then through the media sharing function on Zune software or another program/external device?

Sorry PityOnU should have read down the bottom , but how is it possible to convert the MPEG's once they in you Zune library or do they automatically convert when transferring to the Zune player?

Foreshigity how does MCEDivx360 work then? What does it do to suddenly make the XBOX play different media types? Also which/who's media center are you talking about? Finally what is Transcode 360, what is it an alternative to?

I apologies for all of the question but I just donít understand why this wont work. Cheers. Mike

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