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Originally Posted by dooglehead View Post
The device version is made for syncing it to portable devices like Zunes and Windows Phones. It is smaller so that it takes up less space on the limited amount of storage on those devices.
and the resolution is often less (that is how the file gets shrunk) since on the small device screen you can't see the high resolution.)

Originally Posted by Universalshaman View Post
Hey guys, new to the forums, and actually signed up because I'm extremely puzzed by this..

When I download some tv shows to my computer, it saves two files of each video files...

For example, if I download the Family Guy episode "Road to multiverse" There will be two files, one named "Family guy - Road to multiverse - Device" and the other one is called "Family guy - Road to multiverse -SD".

The one with the "SD" at the end of the filename is standard definition of course, but it's also a bigger file size and higher quality...

..Does anybody know what this is about, and why there are two files?

I deleted the "Device" file, and I can still watch the "SD" video, what exactly is the Device file even about?

I have the same videos downloaded to my xbox 360, if that makes a difference.

Much appreciated dudes.

- The Shaman
Deleting files that you don't know why they're there is a really, really dangerous habit... one of these days you will break something important.

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