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Greetings and happy holidays!

I was just dropping in to ask if you have any plans to implement a multi-playlist syncing setup. I have a few different playlists that I sync to different folders (essentially separating my music into categories by genre or mood) and it would be very handy to be able to always have those paths set at launch for quick syncing. I have no problem using it the way it is right now but a feature like that would cut a few minutes from my sync time. I can see how this may not be a critical feature for many, since most devices will have a media player to build a library from tags, but I'm primarily using this to put music on a USB stick for use in my car. My receiver relies on the folder structure for navigation and keeping things categorized into folders makes it a breeze to tailor the music playing to what I'm interested in at any given moment.

By the way, the update did a great job of eliminating that sub-directories issue described earlier. I recently changed how I structure my folders on my portable devices and this fix has made it very easy to make the adjustment.

Thanks for your efforts and enjoy the holiday season!

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