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Originally Posted by Red Sky View Post
Hey guys, the ZBDF (ZuneBoards Development Front) needs donations in order to keep the OpenZDK website and server up and running. We do all of this work for free, so if you use OpenZDK apps or if you develop applications or games using OpenZDK, please consider donating. If we can't keep the OpenZDK server up and running, it may keep future versions of OpenZDK from ever getting released! We use the server not only for the website, but it also contains repositories for us to store code changes that allow us to fix bugs more easily! Please, donate if you can. A few dollars over a bunch of people will really help us out!

donate link:
Originally Posted by xGodOfModzx View Post
i would totally donate. but 1. i dont have a credit card and 2. im only a sophmore in high school, an 3. no money/job i would donate my thanks for giving me great apps for now.

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