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Originally Posted by Arfey McFeeshy View Post
I think the universe is just an extremely tiny molecule in an extremely large space.

Or maybe we live on a sea turtles back that crawled out of the ocean.

That or we're not real, and the real world is made up of computers.

It's pointless try to figure it out, because people could argue anything and it could be true.
I couldn't help but think the same thing about the molecule. What if each individual atom in our world was a universe? I mean, they both have objects (planets and electrons) rotating around a center (sun and protons/neutrons) and when they're destroyed they release an immense amount of energy for their relative size (supernova and nuclear explosion). I'm not saying that it's true, or that I believe it to be true, but there are many parallels.

Here's another one. Humans are said to only use 20% of their brains, what if the other 80% was used to maintain another universe and when the person dies, so does the universe. Considering that a human only lives to ~80, that may seem like a short period of time for a universe to live (given that our sun lives for billions of years.) if you use Einstein's theory of reletivity though, you find that time flows differently depending on where you are, with that in mind the universe in your brain becomes a possibility.

Of course this is me doing psudo-science, don't take any of this as reality. Still, it's fun to speculate.

I also like to imagine a god (I won't say any specifically) as a nerd in front of the pc playing Sims ( and obviously we would be the sims).

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