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Can xna saves even be accessed via Liberate? I think trying to that save outside its own folder will cause exceptions.

For generalities sake, I was thinking of using the full tileset, ~45 tiles. Though I could make a "lite" version, I suppose. This would cut out the text tiles(I was kinda lazy with that...), and combine things like the players, spikes, numbers with their writings and the like.(when the game is loaded, it generates a secondary tileset/map for collisions that is kinda like this)

On placing multi-directional tiles like spikes and doors, tilt could be used to determine the direction of the tile. I'm not really sure about having a dropdown menu, it might cloud up the top row.

There will be one interesting bit that I should maybe change is how maps are stored.
Currently, I'm using the format from the old map editor, whose syntax looks kinda like a python dictionary (lots of square brackets and such) whereas I should maybe change it to use xml for simplicity of read/write operations.

Feature-wise, there will be two functions pencil and grabber. Selecting the pencil tool from the menu would bring up the tile set, from which you could select some number of tiles (in a rectangle) to draw. Once the finger is removed (tap selects 1) it goes back to the map screen, where it will try to put down said tiles wherever you touch.
The top left tile in the tileset would be the erase tool, so-to-speak, as it will represent placing 0 at the tile (which is read as empty)

Alternatively, one could select the grabber tool. This would bring the map back up, and allow you to select a subset of tiles already on the map. This way you can put down big groups of tiles, or copy rooms with ease. (this is how the windows map editor functions for erasing)

With regards to map size, for ease of writing the editor, I should maybe clamp its size.
The room selector could be a set of numbered buttons, or a minimap, from which you could select a room.

Hmm. I'd also need to write a numb pad to determine the last room.

This will be a very large project. (Though I have code/logic that I could emulate to make it work which would simplify things)

Edit: this discussion should really move to a suggestion at for tilt (even though I'm not sure there's even a section for tilt suggestions)
I'll get that delt with asap.

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