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This game is incredibly fun. Something someone else already mentioned that I've been getting A LOT; I click on what seems to be right on the "fire" or other button but instead the tank tries to aim in that direction. You should disable the touch-to-aim system anywhere near the ui as you would never aim there anyway.

Also, is there anyway you could make this zune to zune multiplayer, or can that not be done in XNA?

Thanks a lot for the amazing app. And unlocks for points is a great idea. I think the higher-up weapons should need to be unlocked as well. I just tried the cheapest nuke so I don't know about the others but it was extremely underpowered for it's price. It seems like a lot of the more expensive weapons are underpowered. Maybe weaken the big bomb or strengthen the more expensive weapons. Yet another suggestion, add a dirt weapon that will bury your opponent if it hits then have the digging weapons effective against buried enemies. Finally, a "scrambler" weapon would be nice; a weapon that does a small amount of damage and scrambles your opponent's aim.

Sorry for throwing all these suggestions at you. I hope you find some of them helpful. You should definitely contact Zune and try and get this on the marketplace.

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