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Originally Posted by RockerX View Post
I love this app! I have wanted a way to control Hulu without using the mouse and this is a great alternative. The only criticism I have is that the screen cannot be turned off while it is running. Yes you can press the power button and it will shut off for a few seconds, but it will come back on after a moment to show the screen lock. If you could allow it to stay off it would help save the battery while it is not needed.
If the screen stays off, the Wi-Fi will turn off. The screen has to stay on. I guess I could make it so the displaying could be turned off and just have the screen show all black instead of turning all the way off, which would save some power. This was meant to be a "remote", as in out of sight of your PC, but it would be better for it to be as useful as possible.

Originally Posted by Cubby1996 View Post
Another boring thumbnail... but a great app!! I love it so much!

(here's a low-quality version of what I'm using for thumb, not that anyone cares...)
Yes, I make "boring" thumbnails because thumbnails are completely useless other than looking pretty for a couple seconds before they are touched. I am a very busy person and I have no interest in wasting a bunch of time creating non-boring thumbnails. I already spent many days making this app, so if people want interesting thumbnails, they can create them.

Originally Posted by Redwing View Post
I don't know if this has been reported before, but today I used this over wifi and the Zune stopped doing things to the computer. I could pan the view correctly, but not manipulate. After a moment the Zune reported it was disconnected. I attempted a reconnect and was successful, but then Windows informed me there was an IP address conflict. I'm assuming the Zune was using the same IP as my computer on the wifi.

It could just be because the router is old and there are several computers on the network already, but it might be worth looking into. Otherwise, AMAZING app, I love it completely.
Set up your router better. You probably need to let it assign more IP addresses.

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