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Originally Posted by boohbah11 View Post
i try to connect, but every time i do it just says "unable to connect to the host. please verify that the host was entered correctly and that the port is forwarded, if necessary." it does this on lan and internet. anyone have some solutions?

oh, and i am using xp pro, since that seems to be making a difference.
Originally Posted by Mario222 View Post
I think it might be an XP thing I'm having a problem connecting too. I run the software on my computer, disable the fire walls, added port exceptions to windows firewall and even add exceptions for internal traffic to my router.

I forgot to say but I'm running XP SP3
Originally Posted by ComePlayDying View Post
damn, i've been waiting for an app like this a long time, so i'm really happy you made it Netrix. but i have a little problem. when i connect trough LAN or Internet my zune gives me the message:'Unable to connect to the host. Make sure that there is a computer on your LAN that is running the PC app.' but the pc app is running and waiting for my zune to connect. I tried turning off my firewall, but it didn't help. I can however sync my zune wireless with my computer for the zune software.
I use windows xp SP3.

So if you have an idea to solve my problem, i would love to hear it.

PS: if i can get this app working i will donate 10$ for your efforts in creating quality apps
Originally Posted by Estix The Roman View Post
I figured it out!! Turns out, it was the Zune PC side software. I put it in Windows 2000 compatibility mode and then I could see all the functions. (The buttons were missing when ran regularly but I didn't know.) It still doesn't work, though but I'll play with my settings.

I have Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3.
You all are in luck. The issue is happening to me as well, which means that if I fix it for myself, it should be fixed for you.

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