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Default How To Create Zune Wallpapers From Any Wallpapers

To do this is fairly simple, but I figured I'd post it anyway just in case someone doesn't know how.

First, pick out which wallpaper you are going to use. A no brainer, but you have to have the mindset, you know?

Now, open it up with PhotoShop, GIMP, whatever. It doesn't matter really, just not Microsoft Paint. It's probably going to have a HUGE resolution (like 1200x800). That's find, just select the entire picture and copy it. In PhotoShop, this can be accomplished by pressing Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C.

Now, go to File>New. You'll want to make a new image that is 240 pixels wide by 320 pixels tall (272x480 for the Zune HD). This is the EXACT size the Zune uses for its wallpapers.

Now, paste your original image onto your 240x320 or 272x480 canvas(?). In PhotoShop this can be done with Ctrl+V. Your now probably going to see just a tiny section of your original wallpaper. DO NOT PANIC. This is fine, just work with me.

Now, you going to want to 'Transform' your wallpaper to fit in the 240x320 or 272x480 canvas(?). In PhotoShop you can enter 'Free Transform' mode by pressing Ctrl+T. Your going to want to zoom out enough so that you can see ALL of the resize handles on your image.

Now, while holding shift to maintain the aspect ratio, resize you image so it is the same width or height (whichever comes first) as the Zune wallpaper. Once you've got it right click the 'Move' tool. You should be prompted if you want to apply changes. Click 'Yes'.

Now your going to want to zoom back in to 100% so you can see detail. Your original image is now Zune wallpaper sized, but you may still be seeing only part of the wallpaper. This is unavoidable. All you can do is move the image around so that you can see your favorite part of the wallpaper.

Now your done! You've just made a Zune wallpaper out of a HUGE image. Congratulations! Don't forget to upload it here in case other people would like to use it.

Updated : 3/16/2010 for Zune HD

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