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soviet911 09-25-2010 07:32 PM

Zune HD car charging?
Hi. I have been in process of building a custom hook up for my zune HD so I could have an AUX into my stereo and charging dock at the same time. My original plan was using a generic cigarette USB charger but the issue is it creates way too much ground noise that even the screen is unusable. So I want to know if getting the official Zune car charger (this one ) would work and not create any ground noise? Or is there a good USB cigarette charger alternative that would also work? Thanks.

Greg 09-25-2010 10:29 PM

I'm not sure how preventable the noise is beyond the cord and HD, but I have a stereo installed with a USB port that I plug into for charging, and then the AUX port for audio. The two together depending on how the cords are sitting do make a slight ringing sound though, but again I'm not sure how much can be done about that type of noise, or if my issue is even a common one in other situations.

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