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Pags68 01-26-2009 03:57 AM

Exporting the Collection to text file
Hack Name: Export To File
What It Does: Exports the Collection from the Zune software to a text (.txt) file.
Purposes: Personally, I like to keep what I have catalogued, and being able to export to a file where I could then open it in Excel / Word / Access would be perfect. The columns of info in Zune would have to transfer cleanly over to the text file, so the various fields of information (Artist, Track Number, Album, Song Title, etc.) are separated.
Tips: If it can be developed, I'm hoping that the Export feature could be done from any category. Meaning by Music / Videos / Pictures / Podcasts / Channels. With focus to the Music area though, exporting from the Songs and Playlists views would be key. Artists, Genres, and Albums are all included in the Songs view already. It should also export as though all selections where checked in the Choose Columns section. This way all the information per song is exported to the text file without having to clutter up the Zune screen first.

Comments: You'd think this all being created by Microsoft, that exporting the Collection to a text file so you could open it in Excel or dump it to an Access Database would be a feature as common as Copy and Paste.

If this is already possible (I'm using Zune someone please educate me as to how - and nevermind all that crap I said above.

Thanks for your consideration.

Locke 01-26-2009 04:29 AM

Well, this is certainly possible, and not even a hack per se. In the old XP Bonus Pack, there was a macro-enabled XLS worksheet that could take the contents of .asx playlists and convert them to a spreadsheet. All it would take is for someone to write a similar macro to take apart a .zpl file, and then make a playlist with all the songs in them.

Pags68 01-26-2009 04:43 AM

COOL, Locke. I had no idea about the Macro for the .asx files. So now I have to ask... do we have any Excel Macro writers in the house who could create such a macro for the .zpl files?

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