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Simple Rules

Forum Rules
1.) Always try to avoid double posting. However, after 24 hours another post can be made to revive a thread. If after 30 days a thread has no new posts, posting in that thread is considered bumping and a warning/infraction will be awarded to the poster. If you need to add in content please just use the edit feature that came with the forum, or if you accidentally double posted, contact a member of staff to merge the posts.

2.) Do not spam outside of the Flame Board, it is not to be done anywhere else. However, do not spam excessively to the point of invoking our [staff’s] wrath. You are still responsible for what you post in the Flame Board.

3.) If you see someone breaking the rules and you're a regular member, it is not your place to tell them. Let the staff do their job. There is a report button at the bottom of every post, use it.
3a) Do not insult other members for their posts. It is not your job to correct people.

4.) Do not make a thread about a topic that already has a thread about it. Use the search button, post in the already made thread about whatever the subject is.
4a) An exception to this rule would be if the already made thread is really old, and posting would result in “bumping” the thread.

5.) Posting Related - No trolling, spamming, post whoring, posting of CDKEYS, illegal content, or any form of WAREZ (this includes linking to it), or posting in topics more than one month old. Doing so will result in severe punishment.
5a) Creating threads with ALL CAPS as a thread title and/or thread content will automatically be deleted (Possible exception is the Flame Board [however if that gets out of hand, punishments will be handed out accordingly] or for formatted guides, reviews, etc.) and will be subject to the staff's judgment.

6.) General cursing is not allowed, and bypassing of the word filter may result in a warning(s), infraction(s) and possibly a temporary ban. Your punishment may or may not depend on the severity of your situation.

7.) If you have questions about something and no one is responding, don't make multiple threads. Be patient, as you will be helped soon enough.

8.) Don't post offensive material anywhere (IE Porn, disgusting images and stuff, and shock sites.) This includes putting this kind of stuff in your sig or as your avatar. You and it will be removed immediately.

9.) Racism is not tolerated here. If you have a problem with some races, too bad, don't vent here, not even in the Flame Boards.

10.) Stay on the topic of a thread, don't spam and/or post off-topic posts. Such action will be subject to the wrath of a staff member.

11.) Reputation is not to be asked/begged/blackmailed/etc for. If you are caught abusing the rep. system, you will have your rep revoked.

12.) Do not create multiple accounts, THEY WILL BE BANNED.
Note: You are responsible for your account, no excuses claiming that your sibling/friend/anyone was using your account. Your account is your responsibility.

13.) Referral Links - No referral links of any kind. At all.

14.) Staff- The staff of Zuneboards is to be respected. They volunteer their time to help out the community and to deal with the occasional moron. Anyone disrespecting or insulting the staff members will be punished accordingly.

15.) If there is cause of concern for unfair treatment or violation of rules, you may bring it to the attention of the staff to be questioned via PM. Do not ask in a thread or visitor message.

16.) If a situation arises that does not have a rule to address it, the staff are allowed to use their judgment. No bitching about unfair treatment; punishments will be handed out according to the staff member present.

17.) One of the most important rules is to use your mind before posting. Think about it, just take a few seconds and make sure it is proper and does not violate any of the previous site rules.

Make sure you have read the rules carefully, as you are expected to abide by them regardless of whether you have read them or not.

Infraction System

Hopefully, it will seldomly have to be used, but this is how the infraction system works.

Infractions are given to users for posts that violate the rules of the forum. Super Moderators and administrators give out infractions, but all members can 'Report' posts that they feel is against the rules.

Use the report post button found in each post, to report a post.


Infractions are (regularly) worth 1 point, and they expire (again, regularly) in 15 days.

When a user accumulates 4 points, they will be Mod. Previewed, which means they will be unable to post without a staff member approving their post first. They will remain this way until one (or more) of the infractions expires, or is reversed.

When a user accumulates 6 points, they will be unable to post, until one (or more) of the infractions expires, or is reversed.

When a user accumulates 10 points, the user is banned for 3 days, or until one (or more) of the infractions expires, or is reversed.

When 15 (unexpired) infractions are accumulated by a user, he/she will be banned for a week (7 days).

Reporting Posts

When you see a post that's breaking the rules, report it, so that a staff member can take care of it.

The report post button(s) look like this:

Also, when you report a post, you can view the status of it, and see how it's been/being handled: Reported Posts

To access your reported posts, go to quick links, all the way at the bottom.

Reputation System

Everyone starts with 10 points, and the reputation power of 1.

Reputation (given and taken) only counts once the member (giving/taking) has 5 posts.

Reputation power is how much you give and take. When you give someone rep. (positive reputation), you give them the amount of your rep. power.

When you take rep. from someone (negative reputation), you take half of your rep. power. For example, if your rep. power is 4, and you give someone negative rep., you'll be taking 2 points from them.

Reputation power is determined by posts, time as a member, and reputation points.

  • Every 365 days (1 year) increases your rep. power by 1.
  • Every 1000 posts, increases your rep. power by 1.
  • Every 100 rep. points increases your rep. power by 1.

You can check your rep. power, points, and who has given you rep. in your usercp.