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  1. joeb779
    07-20-2010 08:46 AM
    I am not talking about porting here. You have to understand that. I am talking about using the code as a guideline to creating your OWN game. You have your own sprites, sounds, and images created and put in to YOUR game that YOU created. It won't have anything to do with the copyright at that point. It will be your OWN game that has the oiginal as a influence.
  2. DiNoGames
    07-11-2010 05:11 AM
    So basically you are not talking about your own apps but "illegal" stuff? Then I must say no. As you might know I never copied anything and I respect copryrights of others. So I can just hope you don't get yourself caught with what you have in mind But don't count me in
  3. joeb779
    07-09-2010 04:44 PM
    Oh, and are .ipa files fine.
  4. joeb779
    07-09-2010 04:41 PM
    Any apps. As long as you change enough code and graphics to make it not a copyright violation. Or you can use the code as a guide.
  5. DiNoGames
    07-08-2010 10:06 PM
    What kind of apps? And are you the creator?
  6. joeb779
    07-08-2010 03:41 PM
    I know you are a wonderful developer and was wondering if you would be intersted in any raw ipod touch game and app files for rewriting to c++ for Open ZDK. please leave a visitor message on my profile if you are.