Lock Widgets 2.5 available for homebrew users

By: Locke
July 31st, 2012
10:09 pm

Lock Widgets 2.5 available for homebrew users

It may be a little difficult to run your homebrew apps now, but for those that can, the homebrew scene is still churning out apps to help enhance your Windows Phone experience beyond the vanilla capabilities of the system. If you've got an AppHub account or an unlocked ROM, you can still get the best of what the homebrew community has to offer, such as Lock Widgets.

Lock Widgets extends the capabilities of the lock screen (though it would seem Microsoft is looking into that too) with such handy extras as weather (complete with effects on the screen to match conditions), a really big battery meter, RAM meter, SMS notifications, and more on the way like RSS. In order to run it, you need either a full unlock or interop unlock running WP7 Root Tools (which you can get here). You can pick up Lock Widgets courtesy of Windows Phone Hacker, the same site that provides Orientation Lock, which we've covered before.

[Windows Phone Hacker]

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