Nokia Lumia 900 gets a price cut

By: Locke
July 20th, 2012
10:41 pm

Nokia Lumia 900 gets a price cut

Nokia has been working hard to keep their phones affordable, keeping the Lumia line competitive and relevant, like when T-Mobile offered the Lumia 710 for $200 off contract. The Lumia 900 is the next to see its own price drop.

With Windows Phone 8 looming, people are, rightfully so, cautious about buying new hardware that will be outdated in mere months. As phones age, they need to drop in price to keep sales going. And so now, about 3 months since its release, the Lumia 900 is getting its price cut in half to $50 on contract with AT&T, an incredible deal; it's the same as the Lumia 710 on contract from T-Mobile, by all accounts much more of a budget phone than the 900, though looking it up now, it seems the 710 is free on contract if you buy online in what appears to be a permanent sale.

Should you buy the Lumia 900? It really depends. If the hardware improvements Windows Phone 8 promises are important to you, absolutely. If you're a heavy app user, it may be worth the wait as well, as I expect apps to raise in quality to fit the new hardware, games especially, and you may find that you need a more powerful phone in order to run new applications, and gradually people will stop writing apps with older phones in mind. If, however, you just want a good phone that will serve you the two years of your contract and beyond, the Lumia 900 is certainly an excellent and affordable choice. You still get quality hardware and the power of Metro, and Microsoft has a good track record of keeping firmware as up to date as possible, even on older hardware (my Zune 30 is a much greater device now than when I bought it), so you certainly won't be lacking in every new thing to come to WP8. I have a feeling that most of you reading now fall more into the tech enthusiast crowd than the mere tech user, so you'll probably lean towards waiting, but the Lumia 900 certainly does fill a niche for the average person.

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