Mirror's Edge comes to WP7

By: Locke
July 14th, 2012
10:34 pm

Mirror's Edge comes to WP7

The Windows Phone Marketplace has come a long way since its inception, but there's always room for more quality apps. If you're a Lumia owner, you should be looking at Mirror's Edge.

Mirror's Edge was a well-loved first person platformer (I know, it's hard to imagine that string of words together) based on the principles of parkour running back in 2008. When the topic is brought up, few familiar with the game would not want to see it receive a proper sequel. Mirror's Edge for portable devices (this is a port of the iOS game) isn't really that sequel, nor does it use the first person perspective that really made the game unique at the time (because in general, trying to run around without being able to see your feet is quite difficult, but Mirror's Edge managed to pull it off).

Instead, the gameplay mechanics are more akin to runners like Dino Run that we all played on sites like Newgrounds back in...well, I guess that would have been in 2008 too, wasn't it? Anyway, the concept is simple; you need to keep moving right and avoid obstacles, usually by jumping, and keep your momentum as best you can. Usually runners will pit some impending death behind you should you fail a jump and end up stopping, but Mirror's Edge seems more lenient in that regard. As far as runners go, it's a competently put together one, so if you're so inclined and have a Lumia phone, you can pick the game up on the Marketplace right now for $3. The exclusivity period for those devices isn't official, as far as I know, but I've heard 60 days thrown around in the rumor bin, so keep your eyes peeled!


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