MetroTube is back on the Marketplace!

By: Locke
July 6th, 2012
7:00 am

MetroTube is back on the Marketplace!

You may remember how we applauded MetroTube last year as the best YouTube app available, especially important considering the service's ubiquity and the poor feature set of the official app. Sadly, it was pulled from the Marketplace about a month later by its developers, Lazyworm Apps, but it's now seeing a triumphant return!

MetroTube was originally pulled in the hopes that the issues surrounding API support with YouTube could be resolved, and that the features could be reliably provided into the future and not broken at the whim of Google (much like how Pandora works hard to systematically break third party apps like those on Windows Phone-which has no official client still, and I may touch on that in greater detail in another article). Sadly, it's been more than half a year since MetroTube went dark and no better solution has yet been found, so rather than simply let all their hard work go to waste, Lazyworm Apps has decided to put the app back on the Marketplace for all to enjoy once again. It is still a free app via the trial functionality, with the option to pay the developers if you wish. Why not go reward them for their hard work right now?

[Lazyworm Apps via The Verge]

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