Watch the new Windows Phone 7.8 Start Screen in action

By: Locke
June 27th, 2012
9:34 pm

Watch the new Windows Phone 7.8 Start Screen in action

Ben Rudolph-or as you may know him better, Ben the PC Guy-has been the de facto face of Windows Phone ever since CES 2012 with the launch of Smoked by Windows Phone. As the single most recognizable face in Windows Phone media, it's fitting that he put together a video showing off the new Start Screen due for Windows Phone 7.8, as well as some of his thoughts.

None of this is really new information, but more hands-on videos can't hurt. Something I hadn't noticed during the reveal was that the action of changing size is done with a button, rather than the expected pinch gesture; whether that is currently supported and simply not shown or intended to be supported later on down the line, I don't know. Having that button as it is though is a little bit bulky in use though, as it means you are relegated to changing the size only in this way: medium => small => large. This means, for example, that if you are currently in medium and what to go to large, you need to press this button twice, which will move the second time since the tile is now small. It's a small issue, but it's all those little things put together that makes Windows Phone such a go to use, so hopefully there will be something to make that bump a little smoother, like adding gesture support or a small and large button, the former of which is probably the least cluttersome one. Ben stresses that this is "a VERY early build of Windows Phone 7.8," so there's certainly room to iron out the kinks in the future.

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