Careful using that eBay app

By: Locke
June 16th, 2012
5:55 am

Careful using that eBay app

Programming is a labor of love, and sometimes that "labor" bit can end up being emphasized more than the "love" part. Missed closing a brace? Iterate that loop one too many times? Those and a host of other mistakes, large and small alike, can sometimes slip through and wreak havoc on your program until you can find the error and correct it. No one is immune to this, from hobbyists to corporations, as eBay has recently shown.

The eBay app is a decent and fully Metro offering, however, you should take care when bidding. Apparently it has a tendency to misplace that all-important decimal point; for instance, one unlucky person had their bid of 211.69€ turn into a bid of 21,169.00€! This happens after it presents your bid for confirmation so you're sure you typed it right, meaning you don't have any opportunity to fix the bid before it is official. No fix appears to have been released since this issue, so you should probably avoid using the app to bid on items until the all-clear is sounded.


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