Try out the chemical puzzler Atooms to Moolecules!

By: Locke
June 7th, 2012
3:35 pm

Try out the chemical puzzler Atooms to Moolecules!

Well, as a part of my daily routine I check out Steam to see the new games, what's on sale, and so on. Today I noticed a banner promotion for a series of games from Level Up 2011, an Intel run contest for game demos made by smaller developers, with prizes ranging from one to ten thousand dollars and a spot on Steam guaranteed. There seems to be only one game currently listed as a full game for pre-purchase, Splice, and the winners list doesn't appear to be on Intel's site at the moment, but one of the games still listed as a demo caught my eye immediately, called Atooms to Moolecules. The best thing? It's also a free Windows Phone game!

Ever since SpaceChem I've been primed to notice anywhere "chemistry" and "puzzle game" are put in the same vicinity. But whereas SpaceChem is an advanced and difficult game more akin to programming than gaming (which is a large part of its charm and what makes it a suitable educational aid), Atooms to Moolecules is a fun and casual experience where different "atooms," each with their own unique color and face, will drop down into the screen; a guide on the side tells you which "moolecule" to make, but the order is important and that's for you to figure out. Each atoom will want to form a certain number of bonds, and you need to manipulate them correctly in order to to make sure you have bonds available for every atoom you want to assemble. Adding to the challenge, a little artificially, is how the atooms will begin to pile up, making it hard to get the right atooms to pair, so be ready to break a few bonds here and there!

I must admit, I'd never heard of the developer, BitSits Games, before, and judging by their catalog on the Marketplace, most people haven't either, though Squares Vs Triangles has a respectable four stars from 13 ratings. You can check out Atooms to Moolecules on the Marketplace now. You can also pick up the straight PC download here and the Steam version here.

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