Mobile World Congress this week - what might come

By: Charge
February 25th, 2012
1:02 pm

Mobile World Congress this week - what might come

There is a lot of rumours and speculation, teasers and thoughts about Mobile World Congress coming this week, most of it about Android devices, but I've put together most of the news that I could find on what might be appearing at Mobile World Congress Monday onwards.

Remember some of these are either tips, hints or rumours sent in my the public. But there are some real press release information so it's not all hype.

  • ZTE To Unveil New Windows Phones At MWC 2012
    At the moment ZTE only has one device that runs Windows Phone 7. But a recent press release tells us that ZTE will be bringing 8 new devices to MWC. These will be a mish-mash of either Android or WP7 devices.
  • Nokia Lumia 610 and 900 for MWC
    We know the 900 is coming, publicly available from mid-March, so MWC seems a great platform to launch the device. The rumoured 610 will be a Tango-capable device, the lower end of the Windows Phone 7 spectrum.
  • LG Miracle to be released
    If you've been following WP7 news, the Miracle has been seen many times previous. The device will be released with a 5-megapixel rear camera and 4-inch display. The Mango-powered smartphone is also rumored to feature a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 8GB of storage.

It should be a great week for WP7, and hopefully boost the sales of devices around the world. The release of the global 900 will be fantastic for Nokia, giving WP7 a hero phone as it were, a really well designed high-spec device that fits well with other smartphones. Are you looking forward to MWC?

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